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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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AZUKI, Ryo (Summaries)

Dendou Oujisama Takahashi
Takahashi Dendou Oujisama Takahashi is a story, as well as the title of the collective tankoubon that contains 3 other stories - Dendou Oujisama Takahashi 2go 3go, Den*Geki*Shou*Nen and Scandal*Papa. The title means "Electrically-powered (or Android) Prince Takahashi". The original story was also published in the June isshe of Ribon Original, possibly in 2000 but I'm not sure.

Dendou Oujisama Takahashi [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856195-3
390 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

This is the story of a Dendou Oujisama Takahashi, an android prince called Takahashi. He's every woman's dream - sensitive, smart, funny, good at sports, caring, sweet, he can cook, dresses well, he's tall and handsome and he'll be with you for the period of 60 years because he's an android ^_^; But even if he is every woman's dream, whether or not you can fall in love with him is a different story. Koto likes Ishida, but all they ever do is fight. One night, while channel surfing, Koto stumbles across a telemall shopping type commercial for an android prince Takahashi. She orders him out of spite for Ishida (she left him a note to meet her in private and she wanted to tell him she liked him, but he turned up in full protective gear in fear of his life because they always fought ^_^;). However, she had forgotten about it and when Takahashi turns up, she does start to like him a bit since he is so smart and kind and so on. But in the end, she knows that she still likes Ishida and Takahashi is sent back to the lab he came from. Poor Takahashi... ^_^;

Dendou Oujisama Takahashi 2go 3go
Ryouna This story is a kind of prequel to the original story, Dendou Oujisama Takahashi and is about two other androids in the "Takahashi" series. It was published in the tankoubon (details provided above) as well as in the October issue of Ribon Original (not sure what year, probably around 2000).

Overall plot:
This isn't really a "side story" to the first story, more like a following on of the Takahashi android plot. This is the story of "2go" and "3go" ie Android #2 and Android #3. The heroines in this story are twin girls, Kiyona and Ryouna. They both accidentally order in a Takahashi android and now not only are they identical, they have identical boyfriends ^_^; Ryouna is very upset as she is trying to get out of being a "twin" and wants to be an individual.Ryouna and Kiyona were actually child models and actors, but their selling point was the fact that they were twins and they were never taken as individuals. Ryouna never liked being treated as "one of a twin" and so she is trying to act as differently as she can to Kiyona. Ryouna & Android #3However, Kiyona is used to doing everything with Ryouna, dressing the same, even having baths together so she has a bit of a sister-complex where she has to be with her sister 24/7. Poor Ryouna just wants to get away from Kiyona ^_^; On top of that, Kiyona's Takahashi Android #2 is just like Android #1 in the previous story, a handsome knightly young man. However, Ryouna's Takahashi Android #3 is a little clumsy and cries a lot and well... simply not really, your ideal knight in shining armour ^_^; However, Ryouna starts to become fond of him towards the end of the story and she rejects even Takahashi Android #1 over Takahashi Android #3!

My opinion:
A very funny and cute romance/drama/comedy story, typical of Azuki sensei.

Miya and Naoya Scandal*Papa was published in the Dendou Oujisama Takahashi tankoubon (details provided above) as well as in the June issue of Ribon Original (not sure what year, probably around 1999).

Overall plot:
This is a hilarious story by Azuki sensei, about a father [Naoya] of two (a daughter [Miya] and a son [Tatsuya]) who still looks like a young boy and is a member of the teen sensation, "Bo-ya". "Bo-ya" is pronounced boh-oh-ya (well, kind of) and it means "young boy". "Bo-ya" is formed by Naoya and his partner (and actually a teenage boy) Itsuki. Basically, the story is of Naoya having to hide the fact that he is a) not a teenage boy and b) has children. When a photo of Miya and Noaya doing the grocery shopping is printed in a magazine, implying that Miya is his girlfriend, things get a bit complicated. He is also caught by fans outside their apartment with Miya once again. Naoya's boss wants him to move into somewhere safer, now that the fans know where he lives and Miya gets upset when her dad says that they may have to live separately (she is afterall, only 12). All in all, the ending is a happy ending ^_^

My opinion:
It's a funny story and Miya has to get into all sorts of trouble (and costumes) to help her dad be the superstar teen sensation that he is ^_^;

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