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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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HASEGAWA, Jun (Summaries)

Ano Sora Natsu no Koe
'Ano Sora Natsu no Koe' means ' That Sky, the Sound of Summer'.

Ano Sora Natsu no Koe was published in the 2nd volume of Umi kara Kita Tenshi and in the issue of Summer Ribon Bikkuri (Not sure which year).

Overall plot:
Haruka This is the story of a young girl called Haruka, who lives in the future. Her father is a scientist, studying cicadas as they are now extinct. She accidentally time warps herself to 1970 when she used a time machine, thinking it was a remote control.

There, she meets a young boy called Toukichi who is an cicada lover, much like her father. She hates insects, but he shows her that maybe cicadas aren't too bad.

Toukichi She tells him that she's from the future and that she used a time machine, but he doesn't believe her. When she tried to use the machine again, she finds that it's broken and she can't get back! So she stays out in the forest and Toukichi decides to keep her company.

He teaches her things about cicadas and as the cicadas start making the sound that they make, Haruka remembers her father saying how he'd love for her to hear the sound of cicadas in summer because he used to love it. Haruka feels a bit upset and wants to go home. She also feels that she can understand her father better now, even though he was always busy studying and even forgot her birthday.

Haruka & Toukichi Toukichi hugs Haruka and says that he could take care of her, when suddenly a young man appears. He's from the future and he's there to bring Haruka back. Haruka gives Toukichi a kiss on the cheek, then runs into the time machine ship. The young man asks Toukichi what the time is and they have the same pocket watch with a cicada pattern on it. Toukichi is puzzled, but the young man isn't surprised at all. He leaves and mentions that the meeting between Toukichi and Haruka will occur once again in the future.

Haruka When Haruka wakes up, she's back in the future. Her father comes to apologise for forgetting her birthday. Then, in another room, there's a loud bang. A young boy comes out of the room, coughing from all the smoke. Haruka's father tells him to be safe while experimenting. Haruka recognises the boy a little and her father introduces him as a new member of the laboratory. He's two years older than Haruka. He introduces himself as Touma* and the story ends there.

* Touma looks similar to Toukichi and I think he is supposed to be the future version of Toukichi.

Peppermint Moon
Peppermint Moon is a side story to Umi kara Kita Tenshi, but I think it's a story that stands by itself.

Peppermint Moon was published in the 2nd volume of Umi kara Kita Tenshi (and in the issue of Ribon Teens? Not sure which year).

Overall plot:
Mizuki The main characters in this story are Mizuki and Kouichi. They've been childhood friends and after Mizuki dumps Shouta (from Umi kara Kita Tenshi), she overhears Kouichi dumping a girl. After the girl leaves, Mizuki goes to talk to him. Kouichi finds out that Mizuki dumped Shouta and she starts bawling her eyes out. Kouichi gives Mizuki a peppermint lolly, telling her that it'll make her stop crying. Mizuki says it's just a mint lolly, but it's something Kouichi has always done to help her stop crying. When they were little, he used to lie to her and say it was something that made her stop crying. Kouichi is a terrible liar and he's always been that way.

Mizuki is at school when Shouko says they should go to a party. Mizuki says she doesn't like parties much and avoids the topic of conversation. Mizuki is fine about dumping Shouta, but she always did want to spend Christmas with someone she liked.

Kouichi Mizuki is walking down the streets, past the shops when a Santa Claus person handing out flyers starts harassing her. At first Mizuki doesn't know what to do, but then she realises that it's Kouichi. They talk for a bit about university and jobs. Then Kouichi asks if Mizuki is free in two days time. She asks why and he says that they should go on a date. Mizuki asks why and Kouichi says in a joking manner, that it's because he loves her. Mizuki just walks away, thinking that he's such a stupid guy always joking about.

Mizuki gets a call from Shouko about going to the party, but Mizuki rejects the offer and says she already has something else to do. She decides that going on a 'date' with Kouichi is much better than going to a party.

Mizuki On the day of the date, Mizuki is waiting patiently for Kouichi to come to her house. It's 3 o'clock and he's still not around. She goes over to his house and finds him asleep. He asks why she's in his house and she yells at him, saying that they were meant to go on a date. Then he hugs her, saying 'good morning honey'. She punches him.

They're walking at the park on their 'date' and Kouichi has a bruise from where Mizuki punched him. She's talking to him when he suddenly disappears into the bushes. She chases after him and finds him with some kittens. Mizuki loves them and says that Kouichi did a good job of finding them.

Kouichi Mizuki and Kouichi wonder what to do with the kittens and Mizuki suggests that they look after it like they did when they were little, at least until the cats migrate to the south. Kouichi starts to laugh and Mizuki doesn't know why. He says that he made that up when they were little so she wouldn't be sad that they gave the kittens away. He can't believe that Mizuki still believes that cats migrate to the south. Mizuki says she's never had kittens so she wouldn't know and then gets mad at Kouichi for always teasing people and making fun of them. She walks off in a huff. As she's walking away, she notices that one of the kittens had clung on to her jacket.

She doesn't know what to do with the kitten and decides to go see Kouichi. She drops by his work, but he isn't there, he's on a break. Then she overhears him talking to a girl, saying that he can't go out with her. Mizuki can't believe he's dumping another girl. Then Kouichi says that he's going to university in Okinawa so he doesn't want to make a girlfriend. Mizuki can't believe it (Okinawa is kind of far far away).

Mizuki She goes up to him and asks him where he's going to university. He says he's going to K university, in the next town. Mizuki says that he just said he's going to Okinawa. Kouichi says he was just making up an excuse for the girl. Mizuki calls him a liar and Kouichi asks what's wrong with her, acting so uspet. He grabs her wrist, but Mizuki shakes it off. She's crying and then walks away.

The next day, Mizuki goes to school looking very gloomy and asks Shouko if they can go to a party. Shouko is a bit worried, but agrees to take her out. Mizuki doesn't know why she feels so upset.

Kouichi At the party, they're wandering about and then decide to go to a karaoke bar. Mizuki is tired and wants to go home. Suddenly, a guy grabs her arm and pulls her away. He says that the two of them should just leave now. Mizuki doesn't want to and tells him to let go of her. Someone's hand grabs the guy's hand and it's Kouichi. He says that he has something important to tell Mizuki. The guy doesn't want to back off, saying it's not fair. Kouichi then says that he's kept it a secret all this time, but him and Mizuki are actually siblings. The guy walks away, thinking it's something complicated and weird.

They walk to somewhere more private and Mizuki asks what all that sibling thing was about. Kouichi cracks up laughing, saying that was just so he could have an excuse to get rid of the guy. Mizuki gets angry because he lied again. She says that this time, she won't forgive him for it. Suddenly, Kouichi grabs her and hugs her. He apologises and says from this point forward, he's only going to tell her the truth. He says that he loves her, ever since they were little he's loved her. Kouichi & Mizuki He tells her that it's true that he's going to university in the next town. He used the excuse of going to a university in Okinawa to reject all the girls asking him out because he was secretly trying to get Mizuki. He was going to get Mizuki to see him as more than a friend, but it seems like she's done so already. Mizuki gets a little upset and says that she hasn't said that she liked him yet. He says she got so upset when he said he was going to Okinawa. Then he kisses her.

Kouichi & Mizuki Later, Mizuki is shocked to find out that Kouichi had already given away the kittens. Mizuki still hadn't found anyone to take in the kitten that stuck to her jacket. Then Kouichi sees a young boy (it's actually Pyun-pyun maru from Umi kara Kita Tenshi) and calls him over, saying that he's giving away a rare cat. Kouichi tells the boy that the cat is actually a tamagotchi cat that turns into an angel. The boy takes the cat and Kouichi waves him goodbye, smiling. Mizuki simply says "liar!" and there the story ends.

Hasegawa Jun is also the author of Umi kara Kita Tenshi, Damatte Ireba no Kawai chan and Berii x Berii.

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