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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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KIZUKI, Niwako (Summaries)

Aoi, Kizuato
The title means "A Blue Scar", but it could actually refer to the "aoi" or "blue" as more like "green" or "youth". So it could have a double meaning, meaning it's a scar in their youth. Or something like that. I'm not really sure.

Published in the October 2000 issue of Ribon.

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Overall plot:
Rika This is the story of a girl in junior high called Rika, who accidentally sees her classmate Taihei and a female teacher, kissing in a class room after school! The teacher is Miss Akiyama, who is very pretty and kind. Rika thinks that only things like that happens in tv shows! Taihei is male model and many girls think he's good looking. Rika was also thinking that Taihei was pretty cool, but now she knows that he is going out with a teacher.

The next day, Taihei asks Rika if she "saw it". Rika pretends not to know, but then Taihei grabs her dictionary and runs out of the room. Rika chases him and they end up wagging class. She tells Taihei that she saw him and Miss Akiyama kissing. Taihei thought that Rika would tell everyone and he'd be a bit of a hero. Rika asks if it's okay to tell the truth and Taihei says he doesn't mind, but it might be bad for the teacher. Rika asks if he's serious about Miss Akiyama and he says of course not, it's just for fun. Although he looks a bit serious at first. Rika is just about to ask if Miss Akiyama is serious, but then Miss Akiyama herself finds them and tells them to go back to class. As they're returning, Miss Akiyama looks at Rika and Rika wonders if she just got the evils from Miss Akiyama.

Taihei That night, Taihei calls Rika up and they talk for a bit. He teases her and jokes that he's at Miss Akiyama's apartment. They talked for over an hour. The next morning, Taihei greets her at school and says sorry for calling her so suddenly. Rika tells him that he should talk to his friends about him and Miss Akiyama, not her. Taihei says that no one else really knows about it. Rika wonders if that's true, since he talked to her so openly about it. Then he mutters that he thought Rika would never tell anyone and she thinks to herself that Taihei didn't want everyone to know afterall!

Rika and Taihei get to be better friends and Rika doesn't tell anyone about him and Miss Akiyama. At school, her friends ask if she's going out with Taihei and Rika says she's not. They say they're awfully friendly and Rika says that it's not like that, but she's kind of happy that maybe they look like a couple. Suddenly, she gets called up to Miss Akiyama's office. Rika is a bit nervous, wondering if Miss Akiyama is going to lecture her to keep quiet about being together with Taihei.

Taihei and Miss Akiyama Miss Akiyama simply asks Rika to help her staple some pamphlets together. They stay in silence and Rika suddenly says that she and Taihei have nothing between them so it's not to worry. Then Miss Akiyama laughs and says that everything was found out by Rika. Miss Akiyama says that isn't it funny that she's with a boy more than 10 years younger than her. Rika agrees honestly. Miss Akiyama says that Taihei reminds her of a boy she had a crush on in junior high and when she's with Taihei, she feels like when she did in junior high. She thanks Rika for keeping quiet about them and then gives her some juice as a thanks.

On the way home, she sees Taihei and she says that Miss Akiyama wanted to know about Taihei and Rika so she told her that they're just friends. Taihei gives Rika a lift to her house on his bicycle. Taihei says that Rika's a really good person and goes home. Rika thinks to herself that it's probably because she likes Taihei. Whenever she sees Taihei and Miss Akiyama around at school, she feels a bit sad. She thinks to herself that if Taihei is happy, then that's good. It's a little bit of a lie, but that isn't something she has control over. If all she can do is be friends with Taihei, then that's what she'll be.

Rika and Taihei During Miss Akiyama's class one day, somebody asks if she's getting married. Miss Akiyama is surprised that it's spread so fast. They're all asking her about it and Rika is surprised. She notices that Taihei is as surprised as she is. After school, Taihei asks Miss Akiyama why she didn't say anything and she asks Taihei if he could have done anything anyway. She asks him whether or not he really thought it would last. He says of course he didn't.

Rika was eaves dropping on them and then goes to find Taihei. He's on the rooftop of the school. Taihei tries to act tough and act like he doesn't care and Rika asks him why he's acting like that. She tells him that he did really like her and he shouldn't try and act so tough about it. He tells her to shut up and shoves her to the ground. She yells at him and fights back. She thinks about how long it's been since she's had a bare hand fight with a boy and wonders when they'll ever grow up.

He pushes her against the railing and she falls down. He asks if she's okay and then she grabs him by the collar and kisses him. Taihei doesn't know what to say and Rika starts to cry. Then he starts to cry also and asks why she's crying. Rika remembers her friends always saying how cool Taihei is and how mature he is, but she knows that he's not really like that. But she knows that one day, their scars will heal and they'll soon grow up.

My Opinion:
I really enjoyed this story, just because it is kind of touching, I guess. It's one of those stories that manages to send a meaningful message without being too cheesy or over the top or preachy. The art is also quite cute ^^

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