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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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KURAHASHI, Erika (Summaries)

Kurahashi Erika is also the mangaka of other stories such as Cinderella wa Nemurenai, Love Love Shock!, Seikimatsu no Angel, and Max Lovely!

Alice no Hoshi
Alika and Kazuki This story has a nice message with touches of romance, comedy and drama. It is the story of a girl called Alika who despises boys, but then her all girls' school decides to merge with the local all guys' school because of low numbers! The meaning of the title of the story is a bit of a spoiler so highlight the following to read it. You can probably figure out the significance of the title after you've finished reading the summaries anyway ^_^

Alice no Hoshi tankoubon #1 [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856079-4
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

Alice no Hoshi tankoubon #2 [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856096-5
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

Volume 1 also includes a short story, Sakura no Hana ha Koigokoro and volume 2 includes two short stories, Hime to Joker and Fushigi no Kuni no Twinkle and the Alice no Hoshi side story.

Alika Summaries I have done:
From Volume 1-
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
From volume 2 -
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Happy Carnival ~ Alice no Hoshi Side Story
Alika and Kazuki This is a cute story about what happens after the ending of the series (obviously ^_^;;). This story was published in the second Alice no Hoshi tankoubon (details above).

Overall plot:
It's a new year and Kazuki & Alika are doing well, still being very much in love. Mitsuko and Makoto seem to be doing better than before ^_^ The new council is chosen and Kazuki and the rest notice they seem to have a bit of an idol status. One of the 2nd years, Masaaki (prounounced Ma-sa-a-ki) apparently has a crush on Alika. There is some rivalry between Kazuki and Masaaki. One day, Masaaki proposes that the winner between the two at the marathon will determine if Masaaki will give up on Alika. If Masaaki wins, he gets to win a date with Alika. If Kazuki wins, Masaaki leaves Alika alone. Alika says it's ridiculous because even if Masaaki wins, she wouldn't go on a date with him anyway. Kazuki agrees to the marathon deal and Alika hopes he wins. During the marathon, Mitsuko casually remarks to Makoto that she doesn't know why she likes someone like him to which he replies, "Funny, I was about to say the same thing" ^_^ So I think they are pretty much set to be a couple. Anyhow, Kazuki wins the marathon (of course) and it's a happy ending.

Sakura no Hana ha Koigokoro
Mari This story was published in the first tankoubon of Alice no Hoshi (details above). The title is a bit hard to translate into English, but "Sakura no Hana" means "Cherry Blossom Flowers" and "Koigokoro" means something like "feeling of love".

Overall plot:
This is the story of a girl called Mari who has a crush on a guy called Aoi. They were childhood friends, but they didn't stay close friends. Mari has always liked him so she asked him out, but he says he isn't interested in her. She still remembers when they ran away from home together (only for a couple of hours). AoiSuddenly, Mari finds out that Aoi is staying at their house for a while! She can't recall her mum telling her and that's because her mum told her after she was dumped by Aoi and was all miserable ^_^; She gets to know him a bit better and one night, she tells him that she still likes him. She asks why he isn't interested in her. He says that it's because she has dumpes lots of guys and he doesn't want to go out with a girl like that and he isn't a "high level" guy anyway so why should she like him? He tells her that just because she's popular, doesn't mean any guy will say OK. (How mean!! >_<) She tries to explain to him and then says she only wants to date a guy she likes, that's why she dumps all those guys but she runs off crying to her room. The next day she is all depressed and she is wondering if she is known throughout the school as having an attitude like how Aoi described because she dumps a lot of guys. She bumps into some guys from her class and they run off in a panic. They drop something and Mari picks it up. She sees that it's a photo of her taken while she is getting changed in the changerooms! The guys who had the photos try to sell it to Aoi. Big mistake. He confronts the guy who took the photos, beats him up and burns the photos and negatives. Meanwhile, Mari is in the sick room skipping class because she's upset about the photo taken of her. Aoi finds her and tells her to get up and not skip class. She's crying and she starts to talk about a "weird photo" of her and Aoi says he's seen it. He tells her to stop crying and then kisses her. So it's a happy ending for everyone ^_^

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