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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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OOTSUKA, Yumi (Summaries)

Drop Kick
Kotobuki Drop Kick is a story about a rich girl, Kotobuki, who ends up poor due to their father's inability to keep a business going. She has to lower her standards, but still believes that she can get their money back. She runs into all sorts of trouble trying to hide the fact that she's poor ^_^;;

Tankoubon details:
Drop Kick tankoubon #1 [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856102-3
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

Drop Kick tankoubon #2 [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856175-9
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

Drop Kick is the title of the main story but also includes two other stories and some of Ootsuka sensei's personal antics ^_^

These will open in a new window.

Summaries I have done:
Chapter 1

Some Drop Kick images:
Chapter 1 cover
Chapter 2 cover
Chapter 4 cover
Chapter 5 cover

Milk to Vitamin
Milk Milk to Vitamin is a story set in the country, about a girl called Miruku (Milk) who lives in Orangetown. It's a pretty simple story and quite cute ^_^

Tankoubon details:
Milk to Vitamin tankoubon #1 [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856028-0
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

Milk to Vitamin tankoubon #2 [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856055-8
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

Milk These will open in a new window.

Summaries I have done:
Chapter 1

Some Milk to Vitamin images:
Chapter 1 cover
Chapter 3 cover

Yuki no Ue no Robinson
This story was published in the second Drop Kick tankoubon. The title means "Robinson on the Snow".

Click here to view the cover

Overall plot:
Meguru This story is about a girl called Meguru and a guy called Keita, who are childhood friends and go to the same school. Meguru has a crush on Keita's friend Miyata kun. The story starts off with Meguru charging into the male changerooms at school, demanding money from Keita. She somehow steals money off him, but then runs away when she realises that Miyata kun is there (shirtless!). After Meguru leaves, Miyata kun tells Keita that Meguru is his type.

Keita When Meguru returns to her friends in the classroom, her two girl friends tell her that the Christmas party is cancelled because they both have boyfriends now and want to spend time time with their new boyfriends. Meguru is shocked and disappointed that there is going to be no more party.

Miyata kun Meguru decides that desperate times call for desperate measures and then pleads Keita to hook her up with Miyata kun because she doesn't want to spend Christmas Eve alone. Keita says no, he doesn't want to and then tells Meguru that she doesn't need him to hook them up since Miyata kun likes Meguru a little anyway. Meguru thanks Keita for telling her that and hugs him. She notices that Keita is making something out of wood again and says he's been good at building models and carpentry since he was little. Keita says he wants to be able to build his own house one day, on an island in the south. Meguru remembers how they used to talk about things like that when they were little.

The next day at school, Meguru confesses her feelings to Miyata kun and he says okay, let's go out. Meguru is a little surprised that it was so simple ^_^; On their way home, the two walk together and Miyata kun says that he thought Meguru liked Keita. Meguru says of course not, since she has never looked at Keita in that way before. Miyata kun smiles and says, good because I've always liked you.

When Meguru gets home, she runs into Keita's house to tell him the good news. She goes to Keita's room and sees him in bed. He's sick with a fever. Keita's mum comes in and Meguru asks if Keita is okay. Keita's mum says he's got a cold and Meguru and Keita's mum talk lightheartedly about how Keita never gets sick and it's extremely rare (Keita's mum takes a photo ^_^;). He got sick because he was out all night building "something".

Keita's mum leaves the room and Keita asks Meguru if she's going to spend Christmas Eve with Miyata kun. Meguru says she is going out with Miyata kun and it's partly thanks to Keita. Then she says if Keita isn't too sick, maybe all three of them can go out and go see "The Truman Show" since Miyata kun wanted to see it and so did Keita. Suddenly, Keita gets angry and says if she's going out with Miyata kun, she shouldn't be hanging around another guy's bedroom. Meguru gets upset and leaves, calling him an idiot. After Meguru leaves, Keita looks over to a "Robinson Crusoe" novel by his bed and calls Meguru an idiot.

Meguru is mad, thinking that the way Keita reacted seemed like once Meguru got a boyfriend, her and Keita couldn't hang out together. She feels a little saddened by the thought.

Meguru and Miyata kun On Christmas Eve day (24th Dec), she's leaving her house to go out with Miyata kun. She notices that Keita's parents are leaving as well. Meguru asks if Keita is going to be okay by himself (he's still sick) and Meguru looks up to his window and is thinking, but then decides to forget about him and goes to meet Miyata kun.

After the movie, Meguru and Miyata kun talk together. Miyata kun asks if Meguru wants anything for Christmas. Meguru thinks about it and remembers when she was little, she loved the story of Robinson Crusoe and wanted a house like Robinson Crusoe. She ran away from home because of that with Keita and she wanted to find Robinson Crusoe's house. Then little Keita tells her that he'd make her Robinson Crusoe's house one day and little Meguru cheers up and asks when he'll do that for her. Little Keita tells her that he will in 10 years time. Little Meguru gets depressed again, but then smiles and says that it's a promise that on Christmas in 10 years time, they can go find Robinson Crusoe's island. Meguru then realises that the Christmas in 10 years time is today! Miyata kun asks if she's okay and then Meguru suddenly gets up from the table, saying she has to go and she's very sorry, but she can't go out with him.

The wooden cottage Meguru runs home to Keita's place and then finds a wood cottage (a small one) in Keita's backyard. Meguru looks at it more closely, then Keita tells her that it's for her. He got sick because he was staying up late the other night making her the cottage. Meguru can't understand why, but Keita tells her that he was really happy that time when they were little because Meguru depended on him to fulfil her dream of finding Robinson Crusoe's island and he wanted to make her dream come true. Meguru cries a bit and says she can't believe he really made it for her. The story ends with Meguru thinking that Keita is more important to her than love.

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