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FUJII, Mihona
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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
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SETO, Yuuna

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SAKAI, Mayu (Summaries)

Ichigo Namida
Published in the February 2001 issue of Ribon Original. The title means "Strawberry Tears".

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Overall plot:
Yuu This is the story of a girl called Yuu, who is always used to guys buying things for her and not really taking relationships seriously. She thinks it's easy to get a guy to buy her something or do things for her and takes advantage of the fact that she's moderately pretty. She thinks it's fun, but still, there's something missing.

One day when she's at the shops getting a guy to buy her something, she bumps into Houjou kun, the class representative. She wonders what he's doing there by himself at the women's accessory corner of the store. Yuu asks if he's buying a present for his girlfriend and he says no. He's buying something for a girl whose birthday is coming up. Yuu asks what he got her and he shows her some hair clips with strawberries on them. Yuu says they're extremely daggy. She says that no senior high girl wants hair clips and certainly not ones with strawberries on them! Yuu thinks that Houjou kun will be angry, but instead he starts to cry! He says he doesn't know what to get her and he doesn't have any female friends to ask. Then Yuu says on the spur of a moment, that she'll help him look for a present.

The class rep - Houjou kun They're at school in the library and Yuu asks why she has to sneak around to look for Houjou kun's crush. He says that if they're going to look for a present, she'll have to know what she's like. Yuu thinks that she's got herself involved in something complicated. She thinks that he should just get the girl something moderately pricey and moderately stylish and that should be okay. Houjou kun apologises for ruining Yuu's date with her boyfriend at the store. Yuu says he's not her boyfriend and she was just going out with him because he said he'd buy her something. Houjou kun mutters that it doesn't seem like a good thing and that she should respect herself more. Yuu gets mad and then tells him to hurry up and show her his crush.

The class rep's crush Houjou kun points to a girl shelving books, with plaits and looks a little dorky (but not really). Yuu says that she was wrong, those hair clips would be perfect. Houjou kun says that Yuu thought they were daggy and Yuu says, exactly. He gets a bit annoyed and Yuu says she expected the girl to be much prettier. Houjou kun asks what she means and Yuu says that if they are a couple, they have to walk around together and if you walk with that girl, he won't be able to boast about her. They here a scream and they see the girl getting knocked over by some guys. Houjou kun goes over to help her and before he does, he says that he doesn't want to go out with the girl just because he wants to boast about her. Yuu realises that Houjou kun is unlike most of the guys she knows.

They look around for the perfect present and then overhear Houjou kun's crush saying that she'd want to eat a strawberry shortcake whole by herself one day. So Houjou kun bakes a cake and decides to give it to her. He thanks Yuu for all her help and then tells her that he thinks she has a lot of good things about her other than her pretty face. She says she's glad she got to be friends with Houjou kun as well and then she tells him good luck. Houjou kun stops by the school doors and Yuu asks what's wrong. She sees Houjou kun's crush walking by holding hands with another guy, obviously her boyfriend.

They sit in a park (?) for a while not saying much. Then Houjou kun starts to cry and Yuu gives him a hug. He cried for 2 hours straight and then feels better. They're going home and he's feeling much better and says that maybe it's because Yuu was with him. She notices that he probably has no idea that what he said could have a deeper meaning. She decides that things are all right as they are and she'll find out a way to make him see her as more than a friend!

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