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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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TAKASUKA, Yue (Summaries)

Takasuka Yue is also the author of Ue wo Muite Aruko!, Ohisama Company and Good Morning Call.

Kare to Kanojo ni Hanataba wo
Kare to Kanojo ni Hanataba wo was published in the 1st volume of Good Morning Call and in the issue of Ribon Bikkuri Summer Holidays edition (not sure which year).

'Kare to Kanojo ni Hanataba wo' means 'A bouquet of flowers for her and him'.

Overall plot:
Narumi The main characters in this story are Narumi, a sort of slow girl who is always cheery (kind of like Nao from Good Morning Call) and Nakajo (surname), a very good looking male model who has a crush on Narumi. He asked her out once before, but Narumi has had a bad experience with an ex-boyfriend who was good looking, but basically didn't know how to treat her right. She doesn't think she can trust Nakajo, and she tells him that. He says he will wait for her.

Nakajo At the present timeline of the story, Nakajo and Narumi are friends, but everyone knows that Nakajo is head over heels with Narumi. However, most girls at the school don't think what Narumi is doing is fair on Nakajo because she's not making her mind up about him and is still his friend.

Later, Narumi is talking to her friend (only known as Kamata, her surname) during cooking class and Kamata tells her to just go out with Nakajo, what's there to lose? Narumi says now he's too much of a friend to her and she doesn't really see him as someone she'd be involved in romantically.

Narumi Nakajo finds out that now he's too much of a friend to Narumi and their friends say he has to do something now. Nakajo and Narumi are walking home from school and he asks her to keep her birthday free. She asks why and he wants to explain that he wants to do something with her, alone, but he doesn't. Narumi says she forget her lunchbox at school and Nakajo says he'll get it for her, so he runs off. Unfortunately, Nakajo runs out in front of a car.

Nishida Nakajo is all right, but he has lost his memory. He has forgotten everyone, even Narumi. The news spreads like wildfire at the school and all the girls are saying that now they have a chance because the 'old' Nakajo was in love with Narumi, but now he has lost his memory.

Narumi's friend Yumi tells her that she's heard these nasty rumours, but Narumi doesn't really seem affected. Yumi gets annoyed with her and says that if Narumi really doesn't care about losing Nakajo, then she will take him for herself. Then, Narumi finds out that Yumi has liked Nakajo all this time. She's a bit shocked. Kamata

Nakajima, one of Yumi and Narumi's male friends, accidentally overheard and talks to her about it. Nakajima has known that Yumi has liked Nakajo for a while. Narumi has been completely oblivious to it and doesn't know what to say or think. Nakajima says then Narumi probably never noticed that he liked Yumi either and Narumi is just as startled with the second piece of news.

Nakajo For Narumi's birthday, their friends get Narumi a ticket for two to a movie. They tell her to go with Nakajo. She does and they have a good time. During their outing, a girl comes up to Nakajo and asks if she can take a photo with him (he's still a famous model). A guy (presumably the girl's date) is a bit annoyed and follows. Narumi recognises him and the guy recognises her. It's Narumi's ex.

Narumi's ex teases her a bit, saying that she's still trusting good looking guys. Nakajo defends her, asking what is going on and what Narumi's ex is saying to her. Narumi says it doesn't really matter and she says to her ex that she knows that Nakajo is nothing like him. She starts to cry, thinking of Nakajo and then runs off. Nakajo gets angry and he decides to give the guy a few punches and they fall into a lake.

Yumi Meanwhile, Narumi is at Yumi's house, crying. She finally admits that she has feelings for Nakajo. Narumi apologises to Yumi. Then, Yumi gets a phone call. Nakajo has his memory back! Yumi tells Narumi that he's waiting for Narumi at the park opposite the train station. Narumi isn't sure, but Yumi says that she'd better not let go of him now before something like this happens again.

Nakajima asks if Yumi is okay with it and Yumi says that it's fine, because she liked the Nakajo who was in love with Narumi. Nakajima is about to say something, but can't find the words to tell Yumi how he feels.

Nakajima At the park, Narumi sees Nakajo. He says that he regained his memory, probably from the shock of falling into the lake. Narumi doesn't know what he's talking about. Nakajo says he's glad he could do it on time and Narumi is puzzled, but then he hands her a bouqet of roses. He says it's for her 17th birthday. He says that it would have been a bit wasted if he didn't get his memory back in time. Narumi says it's a bit flashy, giving her a bouqet of roses. Nakajo says that Nakajima and the rest of them told him that if he wanted to do it properly, he should give Narumi a bunch of roses. Narumi says that they were probably just kidding around with him.

Nakajo Nakajo subconsciously brushes Narumi's face with his hand, but then immediately moves his hand away when he realises. He apologises for it, but Narumi says it's okay because she likes him a lot too. She finally admits her feelings to him. They hear a rustle in the bushes and it's their friends, Yumi included. They've been eavesdropping on them.

Narumi The story ends with them throwing flowers in the air, congratulating Narumi and Nakajo on getting together.

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