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(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
FUJITA, Maguro
KADA, Tomomi
KAMIO, Youko (non-Ribon)
YUUKI, Akira

(In alphabetical order of author surnames)
FUJII, Mihona
KIZUKI, Niwako
MAKI, Youko
OONO, Nozomi
SETO, Yuuna

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TANEMURA, Arina (Summaries)

Mikado, Ion and the class rep ION is the story of a girl called Ion who has a crush on Mikado, a naive guy but passionate about supernatural powers. When Ion sneaks into Mikado's supernatural powers club, she finds a pretty piece of stone and through an accident, ends up being able to use supernatural powers! But will Mikado like her for who she is, or because she has these powers...?

Ion [cover]
ISBN 4-08-856053-1
410 yen (price would vary outside Japan)

These will open in a new window. Ion

Summaries I have done:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Some ION images:
Chapter 1 cover
Chapter 2 cover
Chapter 3 cover
Chapter 4 cover
Chapter 5 cover
* I've somehow lost the scan of the chapter 6 cover, so sorry about that ^_^;;

Kanshaku Dama no Yu-utsu Side Story ~ Kimi ga Inakucha ~
Kajika (This story is from the Kanshaku Dama no Yu-utsu tankoubon. Tankoubon information can be found in the translations section for Arina Tanemura's work.)

The title, "Kimi ga Inakucha" means "You have to be there" or "Without you" might make more sense in English ^_^ This is the side story to Kanshaku Dama no Yu-utsu, where we are introduced to Fujisaki senpai's younger sister. Kajika mistakes Ryuuga for liking Fujisaki senpai's younger sister so when Kajika finds out that Ryuuga and Fujisaki senpai are having a ninja duel over love, Kajika thinks they are fighting over Fujisaki senpai's sister when they are really fighting over her! (That was one bloody long sentence, eh? ^_^;;) Kajika & RyuugaKajika realises that she can't live without Ryuuga since they have been together since they were little and is sitting miserably at the school grounds. Fujisaki senpai's sister sees her and asks why she isn't at the duel. Kajika thinks that Fujisaki senpai's sister should be the one there, but then Fujisaki senpai's sister says that Ryuuga and senpai are fighting over Kajika and she heard Ryuuga shouting at the top of his voice in class that he loves Kajika. The duel ends up having no winner, but Kajika's grandpa decides that Ryuuga is the one that Kajika needs, not Fujisaki senpai so all's well that ends well ^_^

Kono Koi ha Non-Fiction
Karin (This story is from the Kanshaku Dama no Yu-utsu tankoubon. Tankoubon information can be found in the translations section for Arina Tanemura's work.)

The title means "This Love is Non-fiction". The story about Yuri, a girl who has a guy penpal called Atsushi. However, when they exchanged photos, she sent a photo of her friend Karin (who is pretty and elegant) because at the time, Yuri was fat and not so pretty. Now the penpal wants to meet Yuri so she asks Karin to pose for her and then explain the situation. But Karin is a bit of a ditz and admires "common" things (because she's a pampered rich girl) so when Atsushi says they're going on a date to the local aquarium, Karin is thrilled. She goes off with Atsushi, forgetting all about Yuri and explaining that Karin is the wrong girl. Yuri rans off after her in frustration and keeps bumping into a guy who also seems to be running after someone. During their date, Karin starts to fall for Atsushi and it's obvious that he likes her too, however when Yuri finally catches up with Karin, Atsushi gets confused and asks which one is the real Yuri. That's when Karin realises and she runs off, apologising. To make things more confusing, the Atsushi who had been with Karin had actually been a "swap" as well! The real Atsushi has also swapped with his handsome friend so now Yuri and Atsushi can get together and so can Karin and the "fake Atsushi"! It's a happy ending for all.

Ame no Gogo ha Romansu (Romance) no Heroine
Minori (This story is from the Kanshaku Dama no Yu-utsu tankoubon. Tankoubon information can be found in the translations section for Arina Tanemura's work.)

The title means "Rainy Afternoons Are A Heroine for Romance". This is the story of Minori, who has a crush on Takatoo kun (pronounced Ta-ka-to-oh). Every time it rains on the way home from school, Minori purposefully forgets her umbrella so she can walk home with Takatoo kun. He seems to be annoyed by it, but is a nice guy and lets her use his umbrella anyway. Minori has never been in love before so this is her first crush. She has however been asked out by a guy in junior high at the train station and she was so embarrassed she just ran off. Little does she know that Takatoo kun is the guy who asked her out back then! She decides to tell him that she likes him one day and is very happy about it. So she goes along her merry way with her crush on him until one day she finds out that he was that guy. She feels so bad that she doesn't know what to do. She's all depressed at school and her friends don't know what's wrong. Then a girl in her class tells her that Takatoo kun is at the school gates, wanting to talk to Minori. She apologises and he says jokingly that he was so offended the way she just ran off without a word but then he saw that she did that to other guys so he knew that it was just because she was embarrassed. He says he was really glad to be able to walk with her every time it rained. Then Minori says that if she asked him out again, would he give her an answer? And he says, "I'll tell you if you walk with me under my umbrella again" and it's a happy ending ^_^

Nibanme no Koi no Katachi
Mana (This story is from the Kanshaku Dama no Yu-utsu tankoubon. Tankoubon information can be found in the translations section for Arina Tanemura's work.)

This is Tanemura sensei's debut story. The title means "The Shape of My Second Love", which sounds odd in English because of the "shape" but it is along the lines of sometimes when something is "shaped" or when you "shape" something. Anyway, this story is about Mana, who has a crush on her friend Yume's boyfriend. Then there's Nakamura kun, who has a crush on Mana, but to Mana he is just an annoying guy who chases her around (kind of like with Ion and the class rep). Soon Nakamura kun grows on Mana. Yume is usually very deeply in love with her boyfriend, but one day they have a fight. Yume's boyfriend wanted her to bake him something, but Yume is absolutely shocking at cooking so Yume said no and he got offended. When Mana talks to Yume and convinces them to get together, Mana realises that she is over her crush on Yume's boyfriend and maybe Nakamura kun is not so bad after all ^_^ A cute little story with a happy ending!

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